Our Team

ARISTO builds on the strong interaction and collaboration between 7 academic and 9 industrial beneficiaries from 8 European Countries (Greece, Germany, France, UK, Belgium, Switzerland, Sweden, Israel) which bring expertise in microbial ecology, environmental microbiology, biotechnology, analytical chemistry, plant-microbe interactions and mycology. Five partners provide complementary expertise to ARISTO fellows through secondments.

Eleftheria Bachtsevani

In vitro assessment of the toxicity of pesticides on AOM

Marjan Roshanfekrrad

In vitro assessment of the toxicity of pesticides on AMF

Laura Johanna Müller

Studying the toxicity of pesticides on AOM, and other nitrifiers, in soil

Anna Manukyan

Assessing the toxicity of pesticides on natural soil and plant assemblages of AMF

Cara I. Meyer

Studying the toxicity of pesticides on soil microbial networks

Marta E. Pérez-Villanueva

Pesticides toxicity at the soil food-web level: Defining effects on microbial predator-prey systems

Camilla Drocco

Assessment of the toxicity of pesticide mixtures on soil microorganisms

Alexandre Pedrinho

Assessing the toxicity of bio-pesticides on soil microorganisms

Kunyang Zhang

Development of tools for in silico prioritization of pesticide TPs for soil microbial ecotoxicity testing